Recommended Kit for the 3 Lochs Ultra

Here are our top 10 gear tips for a successful 3 Lochs Ultra event…

1. Weather: Prepare for all weather and the varying terrain. The weather can change dramatically during the course of the event — from cold to hot, wet to dry, etc.

2. Test everything: Plan and test what you’ll wear and carry during training. Don’t try something new on the weekend!

3. Travel light: Leave heavy and spare gear (and food) with your support crew or sent ahead by Bag Drop.

4. Headtorch: Travelling at night can be the toughest part of the event. Use a head torch to keep your hands free for balance, and don’t compromise on the power of the light. A wide, strong beam will help you stay emotionally and mentally strong.

5. Clothing: Be prepared for your clothing to get wet from either sweat or rain. Choose lightweight, breathable gear that dries quickly, and carry extra clothing with your support crew or have it available at a Bag Drop location for when you need a change.

6. Footwear: Wear a good pair of hiking boots, or trail running shoes. Make sure they’re well broken-in before the event by wearing them on practice walks. Don’t wear new boots for the event!

7. Socks: Just as important as your boots! They must fit your feet and then fit perfectly inside your boots. Don’t get them a size too big or too thick for your boots. The sock should have an articulated y-heel design, arch and ankle elastic to ensure it doesn’t slip down, cushioning underfoot, a flat toe seam and fabric that keeps moisture away from your skin. Good-quality running socks should have all of these features.

8. Daysack: Keep it small, light and comfortable. Remember that you only have to carry enough gear, food and water to get you from one checkpoint to the next. That’s why you have either a support crew or a Bag Drop service!

9. Walking poles: for yourself or at least one set per team is advisable. You never know when you’ll need them or a weary or injured team member needs the support that they provide.

10. Mandatory gear: Mobile phone and first aid kit. Make sure you have all required supplies in your first aid kit as specified in the event rules, including an emergency thermal blanket, one per team member. For teams, have at least one of your mobile phones on a different network.