Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

The 3 Lochs Ultra aims to ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to demonstrating the Ptarmigan Events commitment to environmental sustainability. We strive to minimise the negative environmental effects of the event in every way possible – from minimising our energy consumption to being a disposable cup free event!

We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact to be a market leader in event sustainability. The thing is, we need your help! Reducing our carbon footprint depends on you.

How you can Help


Tip 1: Carpool

The absolute best way to reduce your team’s carbon emissions is with fewer cars! So plan your event carefully to get you, your team, support crew and gear to and from the event and leave that extra car behind. Support crews will be limited to two vehicle passes per team (no entry to a checkpoint without your vehicle pass) to help us reduce our transport emissions.

We forecast that 97% of the event’s footprint will come from transport and vehicle emissions. Using a large camper van for your team and support crew is one of the most sustainable actions your team can take. Carpooling together is also the most fun way to get to the 3 Lochs Ultra!


Tip 2: Rethink the Water Bottle

By carrying a Camelpak hydration pack or similar you can go hands free, spread the weight of heavy water and navigate those steep climbs easier. You can also refill your pack at the checkpoints so no need to bring bottled water. We’ve done the research for you and there’s many out there to choose from! Remember, 15% off at our event retailer Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports when you sign up!

Did you know? Nearly 90% of plastic water bottles go to landfill where they take thousands of years to decompose.


Tip 3: Ditch the Disposable

If every participant and just one support crew member used one cup per checkpoint, we would waste thousands of cups over a weekend.

The 3 Lochs Ultra will start the way it means to go on, disposable cup free and have individuals, teams, support crews and volunteers reduce the expected total event waste by a third!

To take advantage at the energy drink dispensers, water, tea & coffee at the checkpoints along the route, you’ll need your very own 3 lochs Ultra re-usable cup not only a great souvenir from the event but something you can make use of elsewhere. Pre order so you won’t be caught out without a cup on event weekend.

We think our cups not only look great but are a fantastic way to reduce our rubbish and contribute to the sustainability of our event. They will also be available to buy at Friday pre-event registration.



Tip 4: Leave no Trace

“If you take it in, Take it out”. Anything you take onto the route should be taken out and disposed of. Pick up any rubbish you see on the route or at the checkpoints. You will be crossing a huge amount of private land that owners have given us permission to use over the weekend so please make every effort to respect it and keep it as we found it.


Tip 5: Use Rechargeable Batteries

Use rechargeable batteries in your head torch and have your support crew charging these up during the day so they are ready when you need them later in the day/night.

Using rechargeable batteries is also a simple and cost effective way that can help reduce Scotland’s landfill waste!


Tip 6: Buy Local

Your team will need lots of food to keep you energised! Before setting off, organise with your support crew to buy local products and support the community that supports your event while reducing food transport emissions.

A basketful of imported food creates more CO2 than cooking for 6 months! As a general rule you can reduce the impact by purchasing products that are, organic or free range.